A Simmering Kettle of Literary Change

Established in 2007, Iron Cauldron Books is a small press striving to bring you the best alternative and specialty reads from fresh voices. Like a gourmet restaurant for books, our focus is on quality, not quantity. With selections ranging from cookbooks to zines, we have earned a reputation for our discriminating taste in horror fiction as well as paranormal, new age, and spiritual non-fiction.

Sure, we are small, but small is good! Our intimate business model allows authors to connect with editors and designers during every step of the publishing process, resulting in books that resonate the writer's style and voice, not that of the publisher. Whether you are an author, reader, or bookseller, our goal at Iron Cauldron Books is to provide you with the best products and experience that the literary market has to offer.

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About Us

Founded BY an author, FOR authors

For many years, Beth Brown wrote and published paranormal titles through traditional mid-list publishing houses. While she found it gratifying to see her words in print, she grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication between herself and the team readying her books for market. Add to that frustration the disregard for the author's input regarding the outcome of her years of hard work, and the result was a red hot spark for change. 

In 2007, Beth decided to combine her more than fifteen years as an artist and designer with her experience in both the publishing and marketing worlds to found Iron Cauldron Books. Things were slow at the start, but that's what happens when you are stuck fulfilling contract obligations with other publishers - a tough lesson to learn! Eventually, her ties to the New York book mills were severed, and advances in both printing and electronic publication set the stage for an expanded business plan for Iron Cauldron Books in 2010. 

A team of dedicated, literature-loving editors and talented freelance artists was assembled early in 2011 to transform the company's vision into a reality. The new team's first book to roll off of the presses was Richmond Macabre: Nightmares From the River City

Iron Cauldron Books is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (formerly PMA.) All of the books produced by Iron Cauldron are available to retailers through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and to consumers via independent booksellers, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

What Iron Cauldron Books is NOT

First and foremost, Iron Cauldron Books is not a vanity press. We are a royalties-paying publishing house that carefully screens, edits, and packages each and every work selected for print. Our publishing agreements provide one of the highest authors' royalty percentages of the industry, meaning that we pay our authors instead of our authors paying us. 

Iron Cauldron Books is not a book mill. We do not aim to expand our catalog until it bursts, rather we aim to publish good writing - even if that means adding only a handful of titles to our books in print each year. 

Iron Cauldron Books is not out to trap authors with contract clauses. We will never include a First Right of Refusal on an author's future works. Instead, we aim to build the best working relationship possible with our writers so that they want to publish with us in the future.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

For Writers

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Sorry, Iron Cauldron Books is not accepting new material at this time. Please check back in Spring, 2017 for new calls for submission.


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